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When we remember that sound health is the foundation of every other good, of all work fruitful and enjoyed, we see that in this field new knowledge and new skill have won their most telling victories. Pain, long deemed as inevitable as winter's cold, has vanished at the chemist's bidding: the study of minutest life is resulting in measures which promise to rid the world of consumption itself. Dr. Billings's masterly review of medical progress during the nineteenth century, following upon chapters from other
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To the ladies of America is this little work, The Ladies' Book Of Useful Information, dedicated. It is a book written expressly for women. This book is full from cover to cover of useful and necessary information for women. Never before has so much knowledge with which women should be acquainted been printed in one book. It is a perfect storehouse of useful facts. Almost every lady spends many dollars every year for cosmetics, medicines, household articles, etc., which this book would save her. This is a b
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The work of Bichat, which appears to the most advantage, is the one that we now reprint; his observing mind, his experimental genius and his lucid manner of exhibiting facts are particularly observable in it. This work will have for a very long time a great influence on physiologists and physicians. The Physiological Researches on Life and Death have had more than one class of admirers. Exact minds, friends of the progress of science have praised it for the great number of accurate observations which it co
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Advances in science-based medicine have greatly increased the range of applications to the body and mind of human beings, blurring the boundaries between what is to be considered a state of health or illness. A large number of interventions already have a distinguished history, such as organ transplants, pharmacological enhancement, plastic surgery, etc. Other developments, such as delaying the process of aging by manipulating the molecular markers on our DNA, so far remain promises (or threats?) for the fu
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Here, a previously published article of mine is used as an introduction to Literary Critisim: The Major Literary Movements in Western Literatures, because its content is closely related to the function this book is going to perform.
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Toplam 16 kayıt bulunmuştur Gösterilen 1-20 / Aktif Sayfa : 1